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“Stand in awe of him!” So the Scripture calls us to worship in Psalm 22:23. The power of God is the sure foundation of our hope as believers. As surely as we believe that God is our maker, we believe that he alone can redeem us from sin and death. This requires an Almighty God. Sometimes we stumble at the promises of God in Scripture, either because we despair over the evil turmoil about us or because we cannot comprehend how it is that God will accomplish all he has spoken that he will do. But for those who trust in the sure word of the Almighty One, we do not stumble at the promises, but stand in awe at the God who has saved us. So may we gather together this coming Lord’s Day, standing in awe of the God who loved us in our sinfulness and acted to save us.

In the prayer service, we will return to the book of Acts and the early church’s emphasis on prayer. To begin the service, we will revisit a hymn we learned several months ago, “Thou Hidden Love of God, Whose Height.

This Sunday, the Scripture bids us know the power of God in the promised resurrection. Human reasoning may stumble at the idea of a bodily resurrection, but the Scriptures clearly reveal that our bodies will be raised. To help us see the truth of this teaching, Paul appeals to common knowledge to establish that God is able to raise us in Christ, just as he said he would do. At the same time, the Scripture comforts us that the prophecies yet to be fulfilled are well within the power of our God. As we gather, may we rejoice afresh at our sovereign Creator, who gave even in the workings of creation a foreshadowing of what he will do for those who have believed the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship Service

Call to Worship: Psalm 22:22-23

Hymn 301 [Red] Father, Most Holy

Congregational Reading: Psalm 22:25-31

Doxology: Doxology, Red 437

Hymn 260 [Red] Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness This great hymn by Paul Eber and Nick von Zinzendorf remind us that in the moment of death, Jesus Christ alone is the believer’s righteousness. The third stanza in particular draws our attention to our hope of salvation after death. “When from the dust of death I rise to claim my mansion in the skies, Ev’n then this shall be all my plea, Jesus hath lived, hath died, for me.” At the rapture of the church, when we are raised, we are taken to be with Christ in the place he has prepared for us. We will enter heaven bathed in the justifying righteousness of Jesus Christ. He, our high priest, will be our Mediator before the unapproachable God. Then we will be forever with the Lord, but only because of the Lord who saved us.

Hymn 322 [Red] Praise to the Lord, the Almighty



Scripture Reading: Job 31 & Mark 9:33-50

Hymn 363 [Red] Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart

Sermon: How are the Dead Raised? Part 1 from 1 Corinthians 15:35-49

Hymn 359 [Blue] My Faith Looks Up to Thee




This week, Sunday School will be taught by Eric White, He will cover Q. 27 of the catechism.

  1. How did Christ, being the Son of God, become man?
  2. Christ, the son of God, became man by taking to himself a true body,1 and a rational soul,2 being conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit in the Virgin Mary, and born of her,3 yet without sin.4

1 Heb 2:14                                                 2 Matt 26:38

3 Luke 1:31, 35; Gal 4:4            4 Heb 4:15; Heb 7:26