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This Sunday, we look one more time at Exodus 14 and the crossing of the Red Sea. According to Exod 14:4 and 17, the purpose of the Red Sea crossing is that the Lord might glorify himself over Egypt and, consequently, before the Israelites and the whole world. As we noted last week, the salvation and judgment at the Red Sea is really all about God’s glory. In that spirit, I have selected Psa 57:9-11 as our call to worship this Sunday: I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations. For your steadfast love is great to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens! Let your glory be over all the earth! It is our God’s great desire that his glory might be over all the earth. Each week, as we gather for worship, we join in the great world-wide end of creation to exalt the one true and living God. Prepare your own soul for this Lord’s Day’s worship by reminding yourself of what a glorious God you serve.

In the prayer service, we will continue to look at Daniel 9 and the prophet’s great prayer of confession. We’ll begin the service singing, “How Blest is He Whose Trespass.”

Last Sunday, we looked at the beginning of the crisis by the Red Sea, the people’s fearful response, and Moses’s comforting words encouraging faith. This week, we look at the crossing of the Red Sea itself. We will continue to look at the ways in which God glorifies himself in this great and historic event. Part of what this passage shows is that God glorifies himself both in saving his people and in judging the wicked. It reminds us that while we deserve to die with God’s enemies, salvation comes through Jesus Christ and him alone. At the Red Sea, the Lord also showed with convincing clarity that he far stronger he is than any earthly power. To him and his power to save, we ought to respond with persevering faith.


Worship Service

Call to Worship: Psalm 57:9-11

Hymn 321 [Red] O Worship the King

Congregational Reading: Psalm 77:14-20

Doxology: Doxology, Red 437

Hymn [Insert] My God, I Love Thee

Hymn 175 [Red] Praise God, for He is Kind



Scripture Reading: Exodus 23:20-33 & John 13:21-38

Hymn 124 [Red] God of Vengeance, O Jehovah

Sermon: See the Salvation of the LORD II from Exodus 14:15-31

Hymn 311 [Red] Jesus Shall Reign The God who divided the Red Sea in two is the God who will, as this hymn by Isaac Watts professes, one day rule the earth in his Son. The warning of the Red Sea is that all those who oppose the rule of this God through sin and idolatry will utterly perish. He will not be opposed. Far better is it to us to submit to Jesus Christ, and to confess his name, and join in the universal worship that will be given to Jesus Christ, as described in Watt’s final stanza: “Let every creature rise and bring peculiar honors to our King; angels descend with songs again, and earth repeat the loud ‘Amen!’”



In Sunday School, I will teach on catechism question 42:

Q. What are the benefits which in this life do either accompany or flow from justification, adoption, and sanctification?

A. The benefits which in this life do accompany or flow from justification,1 are assurance of God’s love, peace of conscience, joy in the Holy Spirit,2 sufficient grace,3 and perseverance in it to the end.4

1 Rom 5:1-2, 5     2 Rom 14:17     3 2 Cor 12:9    4 Prov 4:18; 1 John 5:13; 1 Pet 1:5