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9780801026188Right now, WTSbooks has Richard Muller‘s important 4 volume (!) set, Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics set on sale for $125.

That’s 50% off the MSRP. (I’m not certain, but I believe this went out of print for a time. It’s good to see this available again and for such a good price.)

Fed-ex shipping is free.

This is a great price for an incredibly helpful and important contribution to the study of Reformed theology.

Buy it.

This is part of a current sale where they are taking 50% off 2018 bestsellers.

Endorsements for Muller’s Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics:

Mohler says: “This four-volume work is a tour de force of historical theology and will be of interest to all evangelicals regardless of denominational heritage.”

Trueman says: “Richard Muller’s long-awaited volumes represent a work of vast historical scope, profound engagement with the primary and secondary sources, and careful application of sound historical method. By setting seventeenth-century Reformed theology against the background of classical, patristic, medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation intellectual culture, Muller paints a picture of seventeenth-century Reformed theology that belies the old clichés through its nuance, learning, and sophistication. Nobody engaged in this area can afford to ignore his arguments or his conclusions; those who wish to dissent from his central theses have been set a daunting task, and those who find themselves in agreement have been set a standard for their own research.”