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Modern Science is like religion. To become its devotee, you must first convert. Unless you were a child already catechized in the particulars of its system, Modern Science requires you to repent from your old ways of knowing and to embrace its dogmas. Most people who are followers of Modern Science accept her axioms with very little or no evidence—i.e., by faith. Most people cannot prove that the earth revolves around the sun, but they accept it by faith. They may, based on a series of previously determined assumptions and relatively established theories, deem reasonable the prevailing theory that the earth’s relative position in its orbit around the sun causes varying amounts of sunlight and warmth in a given day, but they cannot really empirically prove that it is so. How many of the general public have taken the steps to prove that man’s use of fossil fuels is causing an alarming increase of the surface temperature of the planet? No, they accept it by faith on the testimony of a consensus of scientists, who themselves serve like priests to mediate this creed to the populace. People believe in fantastic invisible powers and entities (beings), like gravity and atoms. They undergo government mandated catechesis in the important dogmas of the cult (the aforementioned priests decide which dogmas are important).

Modern science requires conversion, has priests, espouses a strict system of doctrine, and, most importantly, requires the steadfast faith of its adherents. Modern science is very much like religion.